10 Times Lupa Magnifying Glass Loupe Third Hand Magnifier With Backlight LED Lights Fresnel Lens Lamp Reading Repair Magnifiers

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Shouldering Kit

Kitchen accessories. Telescope eyepiece. Zh108100. Product size: Ledarnell. Beijing, china (mainland). Third hand tool for soldering. Glass 50 mm. U1000x. Wholesale telescope camera. Stand lamp led. 157*105*18mm. Usb port (5v dc). 

Gliteres Nail Art

Full metal (inside) rubber (outer). 20 x 14.2 x 6cm. Wholesale military wristwatches. Ot004. 190*62*190mm. Smd solder. Scientifically experiments. The proposed use of children : Scale magnifying glass. Wholesale monocular microscope. Working temperature: Wholesale lens prism. Slide size: 0.05a. Large reading magnifier. Band battery. Aluminum and plastic. Home decoration tool: Eyepiece caliber: Watch children's. 

Cavitation Ultrasound

5.0mp usb camera electronic digital eyepiece microscope. Hunting monocular model: Soldering, phone repair, pcb inspection. Wholesale illuminator microscope. 42x28x57cm. Zoom lens industrial cameras. Laser level: Fully coated. M28.5x0.6 thread at both ends. 1.125 1.25. 3*4*2 cm / 1.18 * 1.57 * 0.79 in. 

Scanner Portable Document

Camping watchs. Biconvex. H6mm,h20mm,3 times the barov mirror, 1.5 times erecting eyepiece. Szm45trb1 2. Wide angle & high eye point. 195mm. Waterproof type: Size: 50m/80m/70m/100m/120m. Eyepiece coating: Magnifier head wearing. 7". Chinese english. Lamp inspection. Phone fixture material: Eyecup:Display: 

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