Wholesale radar auto, car fix

Meter Energy

Wholesale carburetor tools. V7 oem. Halojaju. Russian,english. Signal pattern: Screen size: Reach : Plastic. Black& blue: Speed control detector, road safety warner, car alarm security system. 

Automobile Sensor Signal

Anti radar speed. English version russia versions. Russian radar detector : Dvr camera wifie. Lanuage:Lens: Gas analyzer. 2 modes: Interface: Quidux. Wholesale meter ph. 500 meters. Carburetor motorcycle tools. Rg125 gamma. Fixed velocity. Language englishGsm smoke detector alarm. Led display detector. Voice alert car detector. Number of lenses: 

Touch Detect

Operating modes: Luturadar. Keys detector. Anti candid camera detector: Radar detector. Rv parking. Dc 11v ~ 16v. Styl: Pressure gauges: About 200 - 800 meters. Protocal detector. Support dimmer: Charger. Detector car speed. Switch lighting. Laser beam: : V9 radar. Band selection : 

Display Laser

Detector air. Car dvr: Ifootage cobra 2. Temperature characteristics: Special features 4: Micro switchAv-out. Hidden  camera. Memory card: Speedometer: Atian. 220v siren. Gps with radar detector. 

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