Vehemo 2017 New Multi Car Auto Cigarette Lighter Splitter USB Charger With Dual Switch

car cigarette lighter power adapt, ipad supports


Approx. 8*4.3cm. Output wire length: Cable length: : 120 (w). 3.0cm/1.18". Voltage adapter. Tabacco cigarette roller. Car holder. Wire length: : Car mini heater. Qx-63Motorcycle 12v car atv boat cigarette lighter. 

Detector Radar Mirror

Electronic cigarette color. Atmosphere blue. Decorative car cigarette lighter. Vw golf , vw caddy , vw touran. 10 cm. Bx42509. 3.7*5.4*2.9cm/1.5*2.12*1.14"Lighter butane. Wholesale wood burnings. Function 	: 

Wholesale Car Cell Charger

60 cm. Universal phone cigarette lighter mount. Wholesale 12v power outlet. Cigarette lighter power supply cord. Dual usb cigarette lighter car charger. Nylon & plastic. Wholesale shifter 9 speed. The output voltage:15v. 5v,2a (total). Circuit panel 24v. Color 1 : 10.5cm x 4.3cm x 5.4cm. Lorduphold. Lighter sticks. 3 camer. Cigarette lighter power converter. 1200(ma). 

Wholesale Cell Phone Sumsung

Money porte. Hsc yc-19Car converts. 18650 battery case 2a. 2 port cigarette lighter socket. Cable xt90. 16.2cm. :dc 5v +/-5%. J-2113. Car 12v plug light. 

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