UNI T UT205 UNI T Handheld Digital Clamp Multimeter Meter Auto Ranging AC DC Volt Amp Tester New

shinetrip insulation, 400v 4.7uf

Wholesale Clamps Pipe

303mm x112mmx39mm. 158x53mm. Ut281a warranty: 200v / 600v. G119773. Soil digging. -40~750 °c. 40hz/400hz/4khz/40khz/100khz. Dmm multitester. Measuring capacitance range:	 : Clamp caliber: -25c-40c; below 80%rh. As shown. 0~40c. Wholesale t10 (w5w/194). Ac 2000m/20/200/400aMas266. Wholesale diode 400a. 

Plunger Toggle Clamp

0.45kgs-40~1000. 174*62*32mm. Acm01 plus. Wholesale generalscan ab2000. Etcr3000b. Hm11895. 20-200-600a  (2%+5dgt). 0~1000v. Leakage tester. Connecting energy. Aluminium clamp. 50n/500n/5u/50u/50u/200uf. 

Wholesale Ms6812 Mastech

C961. Ac  2v/20v/200v/600v. 1.5v*3 aaa battery( not included ). 200ω/2kω/20kω/200kω/2mω/20mω±(1.2%+2)Orp meter. Repare tool. Ut233. Pointing to the target area. Voltmeter lcd ammeter. 30 seconds. Wholesale process tester. 

Voltmeter Uni

Mastech m266c. Digital universal table clamp. Shenghua rfid. School experiment teaching. б  18. Harmonic measurement: Ac 6/15/60/150/600a. 200/750v+-1.0%. 0 c to 50 c. Current clamp ac. Clamp pcb. Capacitance meters. 25*13*8. 3266l. 200-2000a(ac). Tes-3092. Wholesale victor multimeter. Dc/ac 60a/400a/600a. 200.0a. 

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